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About Us


Lady Chocolatt is a unique chocolate boutique and coffee shop established in West LA in 2003. 

Lady Chocolatt history starts in March 2003, when Tarcis, a Belgian entrepreneur made contact with our amazing chocolatier and opens the shop under the name of "Chocolatt ...from Belgium". Nevertheless, in 2009 there were some winds of change, when Roberto & Linda, a friendly Italian couple took over the shop maintaining the amazing chocolate and introducing authentic Brussels Waffle, Italian sandwiches, European style ice cream and 'of course'... Great Italian coffee. 
The legacy left by all of them is invaluable and now Lady Chocolatt pointing a new adventure with the 3rd owner in the history of the shop: Alfredo Rios, young entrepreneur who is looking to take the brand to new levels, preserving its more valuable treasure: "The quality and great service".


Lady Chocolatt is the shop for those who care about their chocolate experience with more than 300 different chocolates, all hand-crafted with real love and devotion BY a small family owned Chocolatier in Bruge, Belgium.  Production starts with careful selection of the very best raw materials available. These are blended until the perfect balance of taste and texture is achieved.  he results are 100% natural: no additives, preservatives, or trans-fats. Chocolates are flown directly from the Belgian Atelier to the store in LA.

Lady Chocolatt offers a large array of hand-picked boxes balancing dark, milk and white chocolates. Your chocolates can be paired with classic fillings such as praline, ganaches, truffle, liqueur, candied fruit, marzipan as well as the most extravagant flavors of violet, rose, lavender, Indian spices, cardamom, pink pepper, chili and lots more. 

Indeed, Unique treats that catapult your experience of chocolate to a higher level await at Lady Chocolatt. 

Of course it is possible customize boxes with your favorite pieces. Packaging options include Traditional Belgian Ballotines, Luxurious Gift Boxes, Gourmet Baskets, Wedding and party Favors, corporate gifts and more!

The Menù includes high quality Coffee, Lattes, Mochas, Italian espresso, and rich Hot Chocolate. You can order to go or enjoy your drinks in ceramic cups WHILE sitting at the table in the back room.  Hungry?  They have traditional Italian Sandwiches, French Croissants, and premium Ice Cream.

Lady Chocolatt Café is an extraordinary Chocolate experience, accurately describe as   “The Best in Town”.